setting goals & planning


This is the day when you need to prep everything for your first week of success & set your goals.  I am a dreamer but I’m also a realist.  They seem kinda opposite but remember I’m a pisces?  “Two fish, one swimmin’ up stream, one swimmin’down livin’ in a dream…” (shout to silly e. badu!)  As I was saying…setting your goals gives you a visual of where you are trying to be.  Goals motivate us.  They are the reason we typically start out so well.  We want to feel better, lose 10, 50 or 100 lbs, look great for that next vacay.  I literally imagine myself as that new person who has accomplished all those goals & I get hype! It’s when we lose sight that we really need them.   I will keep my list close & ask myself often, “Am I helping or hurting my goals?”  Don’t get me wrong, it is really only the first couple of weeks that are difficult.  Just like nicotine or drugs the toxins need to be purged & there are side effects.  With cleaning up your diet day 3-7 is probably the most difficult.  You may experience light headedness or migrains, maybe even flu-like symptoms.  This is your body getting rid of all the yuck.  But within a fews weeks you will find yourself feeling better & you will be motivated by all the positive changes.  Here are my goals:

get back in my jeans…comfortably.

lose inches from my waist, hips and thighs

decrease my body fat

increase energy levels (currently 4 on 10 pt. scale, 10 being best)

less inflammation (currently 8, 10 being worst)

less bloating & gas (bloating 8, gas 6, 10 being worst)

improved digestive health (4, 10 being best- 1-2 BMs/day) AND

healthy hair, skin & nails (currently very dry and brittle, breakouts in lower region of face and on back)


As far as planning, I have most of the things I need to start but for those of you who don’t, tomorrow I will provide some tips for creating a good grocery list.  In the meantime a few random tips:

1) Always shop the perimeter of the store.  There is very little you need in the inner aisles.

2) Herbs will become your friend as they have become one of my besties.  I love chives, basil, dill, cilantro!!! mint…they liven up salads and enhance everyday cooking

3) Lemons, lime and apple cider vinegar can carry you a far way.  I use them in marinades,  salad dressings, smoothies, soups, etc.

4) DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  This is so important for so many reasons.  Our bodies are predominantly water.  Our skin needs it.  I read somewhere that within 48 hours of drinking 8 8 oz glasses you will see a marked improvement in your skin?  I dare you to see if it’s true.  Also, it flushes out the bad stuff, keeps us from eating too much.  Thirst often times masks itself as hunger.  My boys are seriously sick of me saying, “Did you know that many times when you think your hungry you are actually thirsty?” They respond like zombies…”I know, I know, drink some water.”  Start out each day with a warm mug of water, half a lemon’s juice and a dash of cayenne.  It has become my morning ritual.  The warm water breaks things up and starts the sludge moving, the lemon is great for detoxification and the cayenne wakes the system up!  A glass of water before each snack or meal is a great way to keep yourself from over indulging.

5) Center your meals around the greens & veggies instead of treating them like optional sides.  Start every meal with a salad and fill half of your plates with vegetables.

6) And lastly for now, prepare as much as you can on Saturdays or Sundays for the week to make staying on track as easy as possible.  I like to grill my meats & veggies, prep things like chicken &egg salad, guacamole, salsa, cut salad stuff & put it all in containers so there are no excuses.  It never fails I get caught out there every now and again starving & no plan B.  You must always have an exit strategy!


love & light,



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