Juice Feasting

Detox.  Cleanse.  Juice fast.  People have a lot of different names for getting your system cleaned out.  I like juice feast best.  I believe I heard Kris Carr use it first–not saying she was the first, just the first I heard–and I liked it.  I like it because it in no way implies deprivation or restriction but instead the exact opposite.  It plays a little trick on my mind & gets me to focusing on what I can have versus what I cannot.  I can have as many fruits and vegetables as I want.  Side note: It’s important to note that for weight loss you really want to limit your fruit intake.  They are natural sugars but sugars nevertheless.  I know for my own goals much more than green apples and berries (low on the glycemic index) can sabotage my weight loss efforts. I try to keep my fruit to veggie ratios around 1:3. This applies to juicing and otherwise.  Juice feasts don’t have to be strictly juice & mine never are.  My juice feasts are about eating clean & raw & making juicing/green smoothies an integral part of my day.  I try to drink between 24 & 36 oz per day. This counts towards your water as well.  So all that to say, I never go too extreme because it’s just not realistic that I can maintain those changes.  It’s a surefire fail for me.  When I’m not juice feasting I eat a little meat, a little dairy, a little sugar & I’m starting to eat more raw & less so cooked.  I hope I can eventually get to a place where I eat no sugar & only raw cheese but I’m not forcing it.  I went crazy on a juicing kick once.  I was obsessed with it.  Juicing like that all of the time seemed like an impossible lifestyle change.  I stopped for a few months. I’m juicing more now but I don’t kick myself for not juicing every single day.  And there are days I just don’t drink enough water.  So I recalibrate and try to quickly get back on track.  I’m saying all of this to let you know it’s ok to have bad moments or days…sometimes it’s more like weeks or months.  During my 30 day juice feast I will do my best to stay focused because I know how transformative 30 days can be & you will see too.  When faced with a difficult moment I will think about my goal: looking smokin’ hot in a bikini.  I may step outside of the lines a couple times but I’m not going to beat myself up.  Just recalibrate.

Happy juicing!

love & light,



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