What’s in a name?

I haven’t really defined my blog.  Like the title suggests, it’s got a lot to do with food but at the core it is about health, exercise & beauty.  The title is a play on several things…I was born in Seoul, South Korea in the 1970s & I am biracial–South Korean & Black.  Kimchee is a traditional Korean fermented spicy cabbage & collard greens are a staple dish in the African American soul food tradition.  So that’s part of it…it represents my identity.  The other part is what these two foods represent for me in a more literal sense: healthy living.  Kimchee is a probiotic food & supports digestive health and collards are a dark leafy green loaded with vitamins & nutrients.

Kimchee & collard greens have marked meanings for me because they represent not only a journey towards a healthy lifestyle but my negotiating a healthy lifestyle as a woman of color–particularly in African American communities.  With soul food serving as the opposite of healthful eating for centuries, it becomes about black folks understanding healthy eating isn’t just for “white folks” or “rich folks.”  Or that black women don’t/can’t exercise because they’ll “sweat out” their hair.  We are not all destined to have diabetes & hypertension. However, getting healthy is a daunting task.  It is a process that requires research, patience & commitment.  But it’s so worth it. So, I hope something here sparks your interest, you stay because it keeps your interest & eventually we can create a dialogue.  Enjoy!

love & light



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