Sexy Green Lemonade

Green Lemonade Smoothie

This is my go to smoothie/juice. It honestly tastes like lemonade & serves as a great base for just about any other green drinks. Nice additions or substitutes are kale, romaine, celery (great diuretic), zucchini (makes it a little creamy), broccoli (I save me leftover stems…the taste is so mild & sweet), pineapple (lots of juice!), cranberries (another great diuretic) & pears. You could make it a strawberry lemonade by adding 3 or 4 strawberries. Get creative!


a couple generous handfuls spinach

2-3 leaves swiss chard

1/2 cucumber

1 green apple


stevia or grapes to taste

*If it tastes bitter add more lemon; lemon cuts the bitterness of the greens.

Juicing it: start with your leafy greens & if you find leaves getting jammed in the juicer, throw a piece of the apple or cucumber. I generally save my harder fruits & veggies until the end because they push everything through. Make sure your apples are seeded. If you are juicing the lemon, make sure the seeds & most of the rind is removed. I prefer just squeezing the lemon in by hand. I use liquid stevia more often than grapes to sweeten, especially during my juice feasts because grapes are high in sugar (fructose) but they are a great option! If it is too strong you can always cut it with distilled water.

Blending it: start with a cup of cold water and your first leafy green, blend it well, then add your next leafy green and so forth. When all the greens have been added & blended well, you can start adding your cut up cucumber and apple (apples should be skinned unless you have a heavy duty blender such as an AMAZING Vitamix or Blendtec). Make sure you are blending each leafy green before adding the other fruits & veggies because I promise you, you will be eating your shake instead of drinking it! I have a Vitamix however, I make these shakes in a Magic Bullet when I’m traveling so it works with any grade of blender…it’s all in the technique 😉 And lastly, you should not blend the lemon; just squeeze it in. Stir & enjoy!

Enjoy your juices & smoothies immediately or fill a mason jar to the top–the more full, the less air can get trapped & cause oxidation (think apples browning after too much contact with the air). Cap it tight. Then either flash freeze it if you will be drinking the same day (Put it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes & move it to the refrigerator until you are ready to drink) or freeze it until you are ready to drink. (I pull mine out the night before and let it thaw until morning.) Oftentimes during juice feasting I make 3 or 4 jars and freeze them to make my life easier…remember PLAN AHEAD! Then I’ll juice again mid-week to get me through. This also keeps me from letting produce go to waste.


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