juicing vs. blending

In my personal opinion there is no clear winner. They are both great for you & serve their purposes well. Juicing is great because you get all the nutrients you need & then some in a glass. Plus, it’s easily & quickly digested so your system isn’t wasting energy trying to break it down. The down side is you lose all the soluble fiber. Seems like a waste. That’s where the smoothie comes in. In blending you lose none of that fiber & stay satiated longer. The down side, can you guess? It takes more time & more energy to digest.

For me personally, it comes down to what I’m in the mood for. I prefer juicing but my blender is way sexier than my juicer. My blender literally takes 30 seconds to clean so I make smoothies when I’m in a hurry or I’m feeling lazy. Juicing isn’t difficult, it’s actually kind fun (yes, I’m a dork) but I HATE cleaning the contraption afterward. My hubs bought me a great starter juicer but I am currently coveting an upgrade. (Which by the way, I wouldn’t suggest you spend a mortgage on without knowing if juicing is for you first.) As far as blenders go, if you are trying to go hard, go Vitamix or Blendtec. Breville makes a great one too for around $200 but I’m a Vitamix chick. They’ll all run you $400 upwards but you get what you’re paying for. I could go on & on about my Vitamix…how it has a 7 year warranty and they’re so good people pass them down from generation to generation or how it can make nut butters, ice cream & raw soups in seconds…but I won’t. $400 plus is kind of steep so if your money is funny or you just can’t justify the cost, you can still blend green smoothies with a $50 Oster. I said it in another post but I even blend smoothies in my Magic Bullet when I’m traveling. Any blender can get the job done. No excuses!

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