juice feast day 5: how well do you know your poop?

Hey Hey Heyyyy! Hubs told me I should include more visuals with my posts but I’m thinking if I wanna keep my 5 readers I should probably opt out on this one…

So just when I was thinking I was going to escape the detox effects…I get a badass headache (last night) and I’m having trouble pooping. There’s that word again…poop. You will see me talk about it a lot in my posts because it wasn’t until I started spending time with my poop that I realized how much it could tell me about how well/awful I’m treating my body. I mean, it makes sense, right? You are what you eat…what goes in must come out…etc. Just like your pee. (I know I could use the correct terminology as to make it less juvenile but HELLO, that’s no fun!) If your pee is yellow, you really need to re-examine your water intake. It should always be a faint yellow to completely clear. Even my 4 year-old yells to me from the commode, “Mom, it’s clear! My pee is clear!” The darker your pee, the harder your kidneys are working and that’s no bueno. This can lead to dehydration or worse. So drinking enough water is not just about having beautiful skin & managing your weight. It’s about proper function of your systems. This includes your digestive system. You can only have consistently proper eliminations if you are drinking enough water. If your poop gets backed up, you are preventing your body from ridding itself of toxic waste. This creates more problems and can eventually lead to sickness & diseases such as colon cancer. See how I brought that right back to poop? As I said in yesterday’s post, poop can tell you a lot. An ideal bowel movement should be heavy, moist, odorless & sink to the bottom the toilet. When is the last time you pooped & it didn’t stink? Enough said. We all have room for improvement on that front. If your movement is too dark or dried out (think espresso beans) that is telling you something. If it’s too light (think peanut butter) that is telling you something else. There are a lot of other things you can conclude by examining it. And no, I don’t mean scooping it out the toilet and dissecting it. I just mean taking a moment to look at it. This may sound crazy but I’m telling you, 3 years ago I was lucky if I had 3 movements a week. There were days I couldn’t remember what day I pooped last. And when I would finally go, it was similar to birthing a child but a hugely anti-climatic production. Through diet I was able to get myself to a place where I could proudly attest to at least one & sometimes two (yay!) poops per day. By drinking 64-128 oz of water per day, juicing & eating more greens, eliminating white stuff & preservatives, limiting my carbs, & taking a probiotic I was able to achieve regular, healthy movements. It’s crazy how excited I get when my hard work reaps tangible results! 😛 This is awesome. My hubs is gonna die when he reads this. I can picture it: “Oh shit! She’s talking about her poop again!!!” Yes, baby, shit just got real. 😎

All that to say, so far headache & constipation seem to be my only detoxing symptoms. Depending how close or far away your diet currently is to the juice feast plan––whole foods, fruits & vegtables, etc––will determine the severity of your detox effects. Typically it’s around day 3 or so that you will start to experience some of the effects. The most common temporary symptoms of juice feasting are headaches, fatigue, hypoglycemia (not eating/drinking enough), constipation, acne (the toxins coming to the surface), increased body odor (again, toxins surfacing), and bad breath (one more gain, toxins surfacing). You may even get a white film on your tongue that is super unattractive but at least you’ll know you are doing it right! I’m hoping since I wasn’t too far gone mine wont be so bad. The first time I did it, I had pretty much ALL those symptoms. But if you can hang tight, when you emerge from the cocoon a couple days later you will be a butterfly–– more energy, healthier poops (and if you were constipated expect a shit storm…literally) and better skin. You may even experience a pregnancy-like glow.

I thought my run would do the trick & get things moving but no joy. I do have to admit, I had a green smoothie this morning but not enough water. It’s 5:22pm and I’ve only had 40 oz of water so far. So I will leave you with that for now & get to sippin’.

love & light,



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