juice feast: week one recap

Well folks, after my first week of feasting I realized I probably didn’t pick the best time to start a feast.  However, there really never seems to be a perfect time.  Granted I was trying to make a deadline for a scholarly journal, my hubs just left for 7 months AND Labor Day was looming in my not so distant future.  Oh, and did I mention hubs is gone for SEVEN MONTHS?!  Well it was worth mentioning twice.  With all the stress & anxiety I was experiencing I wasn’t so sure I was in the right head space to be successful.  I think the first week is typically my hardest…and this first week was filled with a lot of distractions.  It was harder for me mentally than physically but you can’t be successful unless your head is in it.  Also, my apologies…I’m slacking on my posts with the long Labor Day weekend.  Not only did hubs leave on Saturday but it was me & the BBSH kickin’ it tough ALL weekend.  Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on my second week…

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4 thoughts on “juice feast: week one recap

  1. I like the reality in your posts. I’m in a similar rut. I went out and bought the grocery list you posted and I even juiced and froze stuff but when the morning came I was so busy with Labor Day activities I didn’t eat until 2PM and at that point I ate whatever I could find fast! My mind isn’t in it yet. When I read the archives, I felt like a juice feast is pampering the body’s nutritional needs and really taking care of myself properly, not deprivation. So why wouldn’t I want to start immediately? I need more planning, like writing down actual recipes I want to make Sunday for the following week, and scheduling when I’ll eat those

    • Don’t I know it, sister! You are preaching to the choir. I cannot stress planning enough with a diet (and I mean way of eating) like this. Especially in the initial stages. Even well into it, it’s difficult if there’s no exit strategy. I’m going to be posting recipes daily so maybe this can spark your creativity. Definitely meal plan…this is something I do regardless of feasting. If you wanna email me, I can help you get your first week planned. Just let me know what things your family won’t eat & any dietary restrictions. I can plan you out for 5 days or a week. I’m also really great at modifying your existing go-to recipes so I could help you out with that as well. Just let me know. 🙂

      • Well actually we love all the ingredients on your grocery list and the meals you mention, and I have cheap access to these things. (Did you see my facebook post about the cucumbers I grow?) I should recap the rules:

        drink water, half my weight in ounces daily with lemon and cayenne
        drink 24-32 oz of juice (part of my daily water allowance)
        3 meals a day aiming for 75% raw
        lean protein should be eggs, fish, seafood, (I read the hierarchy) preferably wild
        keep the veggies low glycemic index
        no grains for now, No SODA (I hate you for this)
        no dairy, except the yogurt for the probiotics
        no sugar except stevia ( I may have to do honey here cuz its cheaper for me)
        fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds are fine in moderation
        legumes if you need/want them
        vitamins – not sure what i should have but for now prenatals and folic acid
        apple cider vinegar for dressings

        alternate eating a meal and drinking the juice so i have something every 2-3 hrs

      • Yes! Awesome recap!
        To clarify, a mug of warm lemon water upon waking (this can count towards your daily intake) & drinking 1/2 your ounces in water are separate. You don’t have to add anything to the water if you don’t want or you can jazz it up.
        For right now make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin & a probiotic (yogurt, kefir, kimchee! & sauerkraut are natural probiotics). I’ll walk you through some other good supplements.
        Yes, no soda!!! You’re gonna thank me for getting you off that crack. 😉
        If you want something like soda try watermelon water & add sparkling water or a bunch of fresh squeezed lemon and liquid stevia in sparkling water for lemon lime. It’s the effervescence & sweetness you crave.
        You can drink your juice when you like. My routine is juice for breakfast, eat a snack an hour or two later, lunch, the rest of my juice in the afternoon, my meat protein & veggies for dinner. I suggest only eating meat at dinner. That’s a whole ‘nother post but because meat has a long digestion time (2-3 hours) and fruits & veggie only take about 20 minutes eating meat during the day slows down digestion for your fruits & veggies. This can cause fermentation & rotting. I know, I sound coo-coo but if you have a lot of gas or bloating this is probably part of your problem. I’m gonna go check out those cucumbers! Holler if you need me. 🙂

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