juice feast: week two recap

Ok, where did I leave off?  So…Labor day weekend.  Hubs left.  Kids had a 4-day weekend.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, huh?  I’m happy to report things went really well.  Not perfect well, like I didn’t veer off the path at all but really well like I was focused & it wasn’t difficult.  I didn’t juice Saturday or Sunday but I did eat plant-based and mostly raw both days.  I ate  a wonderful chickpea salad (I will share the recipe with you in another post), lentils, grilled marinated tofu, kale salad w/ dried fruit, & a sun-dried tomato marinara over brown rice pasta. It could have been worse.  I suppose it could have been better too.  This isn’t how my feasts typically go…however, there’s been a huge improvement in my diet since I started.  Remember, when I started I was eating like shit?  So anything is an improvement!  Yes, I’m a glass-full kinda chick so let’s look at the bright side.  🙂  At day 14, I’m recalibrating & at almost half way done, I’ve lost 9 lbs. Most of that was excess water weight lost in the first 7 days.  I maintained the loss over the weekend and I probably would have seen more of a loss had I juiced & blended.

I’m still constipated so I’m going to juice at least 36 ounces each day.  I juiced 48oz. this morning, drank 24 & I’ll get another 24 in this afternoon.  To date, I’ve probably been juicing more like 24 ounces each day.  To be clear, on a good day I juice 36 ounces of greens, green apples & other low sugar fruit such as pears & berries.  Over the course of the day I drink the juice diluted with distilled water.  You can add it to your preferred strength.  I would say I have a 3:1 ratio juice to water.  Remember, as I’ve stated elsewhere, the green juice can be counted to your water intake which should be LEAST half your body weight in water (e.g. 150 lb. woman needs 75 oz water/day.)

Even though this wasn’t my model feast thus far, one of the biggest things this juice feast did for me was prevent me from going ape shit on food when hubs left.  Typically, if my diet is already out of whack my favorite thing to do is say, “Boys, where do you wanna eat?!” because they get almost as excited about food as I do.  Brownboy Superhero #1 loves pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. BBSH #2 always wants Pad Thai.  I can always get them to agree on ramen or sushi.  One meal isn’t the issue, it’s the 3 days worth of subsequent meals that start the vicious cycle–me & emotional eating.  Food is comfort for me; it’s like an event, an experience–it’s interactive, therapeutic & it’s something of a production.  Plus, it passes the time.  So, thanks to a good friend who is taking her family on a vegan quest, I was able to eat clean, vegan & mostly raw all weekend without feeling like I was missing any of those things for which I turn to food.  So while I wasn’t getting my juice in, I also wasn’t going in hard on a greasy meat patty stuffed between two processed bun halves or a bag of fried potato chips & MSG laden dip, right?  I even made salted caramel ice cream last night which I will give you the recipe for in another post. (Juice feast friendly!)

The best part is, my friend’s veganism– is that a word?  Yes, I’m a PhD but you know academics love to make up words!  There goes my ADD again… The best part about my friend going vegan is I get to learn through her & along with her.  I have always thought of being vegan as a moral decision wherein an animal product-free life was a prerequisite.  But just like raw foodist or juicers, there is a hierarchy ranging from purists to dabblers.  My friend isn’t doing it for moral reasons but for health reasons.  She had me watch Forks over Knives, a documentary that “examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.”  I have to say, it was an extremely compelling case for 86ing meat.  Definitely worth checking out & it’s on Netflix instant right now.  After watching it, my OCD kicked in & I was googling the shit out of plant-based diets, raw recipes, holistic supplements, etc. trying to get more information on making good decisions about my life.  Tomorrow I will fill you in on what I’m calling the 75/25 guiding principle.  It’s nothing fancy.  It’s actually rather simple & when it comes to my food I want it good, fast & simple…and most of all practical for a busy mother who needs her kitchen to run like clockwork.  It’s gotta be something the boys & hubs can get with or it’s too much work.  So check back tomorrow and I’ll fill you in on the 75/25 rule.  Until then…

love & light,



4 thoughts on “juice feast: week two recap

  1. just read your post! 🙂 i think i want to start juicing, but i don’t have anything besides a blender/bullet…do you have more suggestions for starting out? detailed plans are GREATLY appreciated! 😀

  2. Yay!!! This is awesome! I can definitely get you started with green smoothies. The bullet will do just fine & you can always upgrade to a full blender once you decide if it something you will commit to. I will put a plan together for you today. 🙂

  3. Been reading your posts and added your blog! Love it and so glad you’re writing this..Thanks for keeping us up on your juice feast, poop and such! lolls I secretly LOOOVE BLOGS, so keep writing!
    I’m gonna hop on this juice feast bandwagon as well, but have no idea where to start. My daughter and I will be doing this thing together..encouraging one another, keeping each other accountable..the whole bit. Seems like I will have the role of “shopper and preparer” and she the “shopper and drinker”
    This is sure to help her on the BM side! Lol
    I am looking for more details in preparing this journey. I will keep reading, but am still in need of info on the plan you follow and more specifics. Is there somebody’s plan or guide you follow (person, book)? Can you please post a plan for me as well, some how to’s, etc. As far as our likes and dislikes, I have raised her to be a food explorer so we are all over the map with our palate and will try different stuff. We have a blender and juicer.
    Thanks in advance and good luck on the continuation of your feast!

    • Great! Glad to see you here. 🙂 In my reading, I’ve found the books that were most helpful to me personally were The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder & Crazy, Sexy Diet by Kris Karr. Kimberly Snyder is pretty hardcore (eats vegan & raw) but she lays out a 3-tier plan that works for almost every lifestyle. I am finding more & more people are interested in cleaning up & incorporating juice into their lifestyles so I will put together a detailed post laying things out in the next couple of days. If you would like to email me @ kimcheeandcollards@gmail.com I can help you with your personal plan more specifically. Let me know where your diet is right now (i.e. eating meat, eating processed, dairy, etc) & what you have already implemented & what how tos you are most interested in learning about. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as we proceed but that gives me a good start. Talk soon! 🙂

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