Juicing 101-Part 1: Why Green Juice is Sexy & How to Choose a Juicer

Hey, hey, heyyyy!  Happy Monday, Beautifuls!

I’m 5 days away from the end of what I can’t really call a juice feast…more like a “prelude to a juice feast.” But hey, that’s ok.  I personally don’t think anyone who is eating like shit should just jump into a juice feast all willy nilly anyways.  Make some solid changes like cutting out the white stuff, packages foods, cutting down on meat and dairy, eat more veggies, etc. for a week or so.  I think the results are better and more long lasting.  I’m not sure why I thought even though I’m very familiar with juice feasting that it would be any different for me after 3 months of neglecting my diet.  However, I am super elated to say I have lost 11lbs since starting August 24th.  I haven’t felt deprived of anything…I’ve even had a few drinks here and there but I’ve been keeping my diet 75/25.  If you don’t know what I mean by this, read my blog post, Keeping it 75.   I do run 3-5 miles at least 3 times/week and lift weights 3 times/week. Exercise is so important to being healthy & even though I haven’t talked much about that, I think we all know it goes without saying, being active is not only integral to weight loss but also to preventing sickness & disease.  A good run gets my endorphins flowing & makes mama happy!

I know I have been M.I.A. but life got in the way.  I’m in the process of clearing my plate so I can dedicate more time to the blog.  I can’t believe how many people are reading it in such a short amount of time! I’m hoping to see more of you actually post over the next few weeks.  Some days I feel like I’m talking to myself & then I’ll get an email or a Facebook inbox.  Regardles, I’m so glad you are reading & enjoying.  So let’s get to the nitty gritty…

why is juicing beneficial?

The answer may seem obvious but how many of you can answer this question beyond, “I heard it’s supposed to be really good for you.  You get a lot of nutrients & vitamins.”  Hmmmm, I don’t know about you but that isn’t really enough to convince me.  I wanna know more before I start putting time & energy into this new age juicing thing.  I’m a little vain (I can say I am but YOU can’t, capisce?) so I can admit that my initial attraction to juicing was the *sparkle.* I wanted to discover my ideal weight, have glowing, younger looking skin, nails hard as rocks & hair that could be pulled on…minds out the gutter folks although my mind went there a little bit too 😉  All these years I had been looking to diet fads, skin creams, serums & haircare products to make the magic happen.  But really, I was being counterproductive because I was filling my body with nutrient-poor “health” foods (i.e. fat-free, sugar-free, low carb).  How could I achieve clear skin & lasting weight loss without putting the right fuel in my body?

Green juice is liquid nutrition & it helps slow–oftentimes reverse–aging.  It cleanses the body naturally, reduces inflammation, regulates the digestive system, and when incorporated into a healthful lifestyle, can bring you to your natural weight, prevent & even reverse heart disease, diabetes & cancer.  So let’s get past the green and open your heart to some liquid love!  Like anything, it can take a little bit of trial & error to figure out what you like but once you do, you will be a green juicing fool!  If you need a base recipe, try my Sexy Green Lemonade.  Over time, you may even find you don’t need as much to sweeten the juices because your taste buds start to change.  I can testify to this & I know my hubs could cosign.  I used to have no less than 3 kinds of ice cream in the refrigerator at a time, never left a restaurant without dessert–would actually eat “light” so I could save room for dessert, & could rarely make it out of the market without a Whatchamacallit.  And I have never been fat…actually, I’ve always eaten healthier than most of the people I know but that isn’t saying much.  My sweet tooth was out of control & it was keeping me from losing my baby buddha belly.  So juicing is also effective in banishing carb & sugar cravings.  It also balances your pH–an acidic environment is a perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria, fungi, yeast but an alkaline environment inhibits the growth of cancer & other diseases. That alone should be enough to make you drink lotsa green juice.  But if it’s not, check this out: It gives you a shot of vitamins minerals, enzymes, proteins & oxygen to feed your cells & promote healthy turnover.  Now THAT’s sexy!  The gazillions of cells in your body are constantly being replaced & you have a complete turnover every seven years.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you see one of your celebrity faves you haven’t seen in a little while–let’s just use Matthew McConaughey for example–and you’re like, “Dayummmmm! They really look like they aged!”? It’s because we don’t age gradually, it happens sort of all at once every seven years.  What you are exposing your body to today, may not be noticeable until 2019.  Crazy, huh?  So even if you don’t make any other dietary changes right now, and I’m assuming if you are here you are at least open to change, add 16-32 oz of green juices or smoothies to your daily routine.

picking the right juicer:

“Picking a juicer is like picking your mate–it has to work with you for the long haul”     –Kris Karr

This is so true.  It doesn’t matter how fancy your juicer is if you don’t use it.  It’s not meant to just look pretty sitting on your kitchen counter like the trophy wife (or husband) who can’t cook.  It’s about practicality & functionality for your lifestyle.  And if a juicer is not in the cards for you right now, blending smoothies is another great option.  You can read about the benefits in my post on Juicing vs. Blending.  As for juicing, there are three different types of juicers:

1) centrifugal: houses a fast spinning grater that shred the fruits and vegetables & pushes them through a strainer & out the spout.  The fiber comes out the opposite end into a catch basket.

2) masticating: uses a slow turning screw-like gear that churns the fruits & veggies and pushes them into a screen which expels the juice.  This process tears the cell membranes open to release the juice.

3) twin gear: now these are FANCY.  They are even slower than the masticating kind and squish the fruits & veggies between two gears (hence twin!) until the pulp is nearly dry.  This also means more juice. Fancier also means more expensive.

All three types have pros & cons.  Centrifugal are the easiest to use, produce juice quickly and are pretty quick to clean up.  They typically have a wider mouth than the other two & that means less cutting up of veggies.  The downside is quicker oxidation of juice because of the grating and spinning.  All juice should be consumed ASAP or flash frozen however, this is especially true with centrifugal juicers.  They can be stored airtight in the refrigerator in the morning but should be used that day.  Also, they oftentimes don’t produce as much juice as their counterparts.

Masticating juicers produce more juice & less foam & oxidation.  Because it’s a slow screw action (again, minds out the gutter…ok yes, I kinda giggled), you get more nutrition & a longer fridge life as well.  They last in a well-sealed mason jar for 24 hours or so.  Some can also make nut butters.  The down side is they are slower & depending what will prompt you to juice on a regular basis (me it’s all about fast & easy) this may be an issue.  Additionally, the mouths are smaller so they require cutting your produce smaller which can also take more time.

Twin gear juicers are the cream of the crop & if you know you are going to be a juicer for life, the most for your money in the long run.  Juice can last up to 72 hours with these bad boys (though I do still recommend flash freezing) & they’re good for other things like making nut butters & juicing wheatgrass.  Again, the action is slow so they produce the most & best quality juice with the least oxidation.  The biggest downsides are the time & cost.  They take more time to clean & start at about $500+ but can easily go over $1,000.  Not really for the amateur juicer unless you just have money to blow.  In which case, will you please buy me one too?

If you narrow your search down to 2 or 3 models, you can easily Google model#1 vs. model#2 and more than likely someone somewhere has done an extensive review on them or even better, there will be a YouTube video comparing them in action.  I LOVE YouTube reviews!  I am currently trying to decide between a Breville 800EXL Juice Fountain Elite (centrifugal) & an Omega VRT350 (masticating) and found a great YouTube video reviewing them.  Amazon.com typically has the best prices and the reviews are super helpful.  The bottom line comes down to what you will use the most & what features are most important to you.  A $100 juicer you use daily is way more beneficial to your health–more oxidation or not–than a $500 juicer that makes beautiful high quality juices but never gets used.  After three years of juicing my trusty Jack Lalane is on it’s last leg but it has served me well & prepared me for the next step.  (It was right around the $100 mark).  I can now feel confident that spending $400 on a juicer is an investment & I will get my money’s worth.  Next time we will talk about what fruits & vegetables are most beneficial to repairing your individual bodies & how to properly juice them.  Until then…

love & light,



4 thoughts on “Juicing 101-Part 1: Why Green Juice is Sexy & How to Choose a Juicer

  1. Beautiful read. Listening to you and you bring so open and honest is what pulls everyone in. We all practice juicing, but our old habits kick in every now and than. Still we straighten up and get right from there. Again, hearing someone with similar goals is inspiration in itself. Thanks and continue to juice. My favorite mix is red chard, parsley, spinach, carrots, apple’s, and broccoli.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad to see there are others who can relate! I will have to try your mix- I love all of the ingredients you mentioned. People sleep on broccoli stems but they are so sweet and delicious! I will be sure to check you your blog as well.

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