“Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Cali Anymore”: Keeping it Green While Traveling

The Wiz

So…not my best moment ever.  My apologies.  I know y’all were waiting on the edge of your seats for my next post. (Just nod your head and agree!) My bad, I failed to mention that I would be traveling this week. The kiddies are on fall break & my lil’ brother is getting hitched so we are in awesome Wisconsin eating cheese & drinking beer.  Just kidding!  Sort of.  But cheese is the least of my temptations when I come home.  I have to keep it 100…it’s really difficult.  Like really, really difficult.  We got in late Wednesday night & my parents took yesterday off so we could spend the day together.  I got an opportunity to sleep in for the first time since…a very long time.  When I woke up & went downstairs at 9am, I was greeted by a powder sugar-faced 4 year-old talking about, “Good morning Mommy, can I have Skittles?”  It is par for the course that weeks before the kids come to my mom & dad’s, they will be asked for a list of their “food requests.”  I’m not sure when, but at some point early on before BBSH #2 was born,  powdered donuts & chocolate milk became #1 & #2 on the list.  Soda is definitely in the top 10 a long with Kit Kats & “worthless juice” (Crystal Light).  BBSH #1 calls it “loser juice,” but guess what? He still drinks it!!!  So I let it go a long time ago.  This is what grandparents are supposed to do…spoil their grandchildren.  Give them all the things their parents won’t.  I’m all for 75/25 when it comes to them as well.  Also, it’s a dirty form of payback.  I was a spoiled brat well-loved & payback is a 12 letter word.  To be fair, I have to say, I get the same opportunity to make food requests & I definitely collect on them– a good grilled steak (my dad can throw down on the grill!), some Peanut Buster Parfait torte, Bloody Mary’s & eggs benedict.  Ahhh, eggs benedict…

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t prepared for this hard core peer pressure–donuts, coffee, bacon–all the usual breakfast suspects.  I made it through breakfast on warm water w/ lemon & some fresh watermelon but the day had just begun.  Long story short, I ended up waiting until dinner to eat.  Not a healthy choice but healthier than the hot dogs, chips & cheese I could have eaten. I will admit I ate some nachos…and had a drink or two but I won’t dwell on it.  Instead, I’ll just keep it pushing, try to make more healthy choices tomorrow.   I’m deep in the trenches right now &  will be here for 18 more days so it’s about to get really REAL.  If it was only a couple days I wouldn’t trip about how I’m eating but 3 weeks is enough to send me to the dark side without a breadcrumb trail to guide me back. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are extremely supportive of the way I eat (they took us to the market today so we could get the things we normally eat) and my parents don’t eat totally unhealthy either.  They actually eat a lot of natural whole foods but they also dress it with a lot of butter & salt.  They keep it 75/25 too although, it’s typically in the opposite direction.  So I’m trying to look at the next couple weeks like a challenge; not just for me but for them as well.  I have my powered greens for the days I’m in a pinch & froze some bananas for my smoothies.  Today at the market, I stocked up on kale, field greens, almond milk, fresh fruit, nuts, quinoa & a bunch of other things. I figure it is an opportunity to introduce my parents to some more healthful foods since they are fairly open to eating cleaner & to get my mother to try my green juice.  I already have a few plant-based dinners on the menu & my sister is coming home tomorrow with her Forks over Knives cookbooks.  It will also give me the opportunity to create some more green smoothie recipes for all you blenders out there.  🙂

Speaking of green drinks, I haven’t forgotten about our October 1 juice feast & I will be writing Juicing 101- Parts 3 & 4 shortly.  I promise.  It keeps me accountable & I’m finding this time at home to be the ultimate challenge.  After a month of clean, plant-based eating & juicing daily, I’m still not at a place where I’m immune to temptation.   However, I also know I’m not that far away from my recent unhealthy eating habits to forget how awful it makes me feel.  If I can get my folks onboard with cleaner eating, I feel strongly that I can help just about anyone get there.  Not because they are a worst case scenario (because they are not) but because they are a quintessential example of how most Americans eat–not enough vegetables, too much meat, dairy & simple carbs.  I don’t think I will get them drinking green drinks daily (this time around), however, I continue to plant the seeds & they continue to be receptive to them.  Getting my mother to try a green drink would send me over the moon so I will make green smoothies daily & offer them to her in the same way I offered them to Hubs. They say it takes being exposed to an idea 13 times before we internalize it, so I figure if she’s average, I’ll get 5 solid days of her drinking fabulous green smoothies before I leave.  I think that would be an awesome start but I would be happy enough with helping my parents find ways to reduce their meat intake.  As for myself, I will be trying my hardest to keep it 75/25 but before it’s all said and done, I have a good feeling I won’t be the only one drinking “loser juice.”  Stay posted to see how it goes.  Til the next time…

love & light,



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