Knowing When You Have too Much on Your Plate

Hey, Hey, Heyyyy!!!

I apologize profusely for my absence…I just got back from Wisconsin yesterday after a very extended “lay over” in Phoenix because of weather in San Diego.  (No time for that story now.) Needless to say, between my brother’s wedding this past weekend and getting stuck with the Brownboy Superheroes in another state, I am exhausted!  I also have a major deadline to meet.  I am completely overloaded right now & one of the most important things we can do for our health & sexy preservation is to rid ourselves of stress.  Right now my major stressors are putting myself & the BBSH back together again…the time difference, being back in our routine, playing catch up, meeting this deadline, etc.  So when I speak of knowing when you have too much on your plate, I of course, mean that literally & figuratively. People, I have too much on my plate.

While right here, sharing with y’all is where I WANT to be, uploading my dissertation to the Library of Congress is where I NEED to be…at least until Monday, October 22.  So in an effort to avoid losing my mind, I will be out until Tuesday…no, I’m going to say Wednesday–hubs favorite motto is “under promise & over deliver.”  I have a bad habit of over promising then pulling my hair out to over deliver.  (Procrastinator & perfectionist are two of my most conflicting characteristics…I struggle w/ them everyday!)  At any rate, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I haven’t forgotten about you & I’ll be back as soon as I can!  So please don’t forget about me either!!!  If you haven’t tried the strawberry basil green smoothie please do…lots of you have reported back you tried it & loved it! Ayayay, I’m too pressed to even add the link but click above on recipes. Until Wednesday…

love & light,



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