The Importance of Transitioning vs. Going H.A.M.: Phase 1

Hey Gorgeous People!  I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Did I say I’d be back LAST Wednesday?  Silly me! I meant THIS Wednesday 😉  No honestly, my life has been, to say the least…hectic.  And when it wasn’t hectic, I was trying to catch my breath.  Needless to say, I took a two hour nap today.  I NEVER take a two hour nap.  I’m lucky if I get to doze for 20 minutes on the weekend.  But my body just said ENOUGH. Our bodies have a way of doing this.  The problem is oftentimes we ignore the signs–fatigue, sickness, headaches, stomach issues, insomnia.  For me it was fatigue.  I am literally running on empty right now. I attribute it to a lot of things––traveling, meeting a deadline, trying to get back on schedule, caring for two VERY energetic boys & my dreadful job search.  Trying to Skype with hubs while he is on literally the opposite sleep schedule as me doesn’t help either.  My schedule is a complete mess right now.  I’m not juicing regularly, I haven’t been great about taking my supplements, I’ve been eating out more than usual & I haven’t been running or meditating.  Most of that attributes to my lack of energy & usual zest for life.  I feel it in every capacity of my life.  It can happen so easily.  But , like I’ve said before, it is nothing to dwell on…instead we take a moment to recognize it, try to understand why it happened & keep pushing.  So I’m back…sort of.  I’m on my way back.   We all have our moments.  This is one of my many.  Last night I took a long bath, sipped some wine (hello…they’re grapes & they’re healing!), watched an episode of White Collar & meditated before I called it a night.  And today I will start fresh.  Warm lemon water, green juice, my supplements, a run…oh BTW, I’m getting ready to train for a 1/2 marathon.  So what better time to talk about the detox plan?  I know you have been on pins & needles just waiting for it.  (Throw me a bone & say you have!)

Soon you will start to see results–clear, glowing skin, dark circles & bags under your eyes diminishing, brighter eyes, shinier hair, more energy, less stress which means a more beautiful, happier you.  But remember, you don’t have to dive all in to reap the benefits…I actually encourage you not to.  I wane between levels 1 and 2 quite a bit & almost never venture into level 3 for more than a short period of time (30 days tops) when I’m really motivated to achieve a goal like running a marathon or going on a vacay that requires nothing more than an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini & a couple mini dresses.  Now that’s motivation for me…what’s motivation for you?  It’s good to have something to move you.  Chances are, if you have a goal in mind, you will be more successful & be more likely to incorporate much of what you are learning into your lifestyle long-term.  Right now, my motivators are the marathon I’m running in February, my hubs homecoming at an undisclosed time (I cannot share with you over the Interweb) and a trip to Maui in April.  But back to the point…I don’t want you to go in too hard, eating only fruits & veggies and then end up detoxing too fast or realizing it wasn’t realistic to go from fast food to raw fruits & vegetables and just giving up completely.  As long as you don’t give up, you are improving!  So don’t go getting all overenthusiastic on me & then bail.  This is not a race.  Well, if it was the mantra would be, “slow and steady wins the race.”  So pace yourself.  That’s why I’m going to introduce you to level 1 first.  It is ideal to stay in each phase for at least 30 days.  If you are struggling with the phase you’re in keep at it until it feels automatic.  You may decide you are good here and you don’t wish to take it to the next level.  That’s awesome!  If it feels natural & you decide you want to step it up, that’s cool too.  Look at the big picture.  It’s not about getting all radical and eating a certain way 100% of the time, it’s about realistic & lasting changes.  This isn’t a “cleanse” or a diet.  Yes, you are detoxing but it’s not a “detox.”  It’s a lifestyle change so what is the big rush…take your time & move to the next phase if/when you’re ready. No matter where you fall on the trajectory, you will see results.

* I encourage you to (re)read Juice Feasting 101-Part 3: Rethinking Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: What You Need to (Un)know About Your Diet


So we have talked about the basics in terms of what foods suck & which ones rock…if you are new please peruse the archives.  (I love the word peruse BTW.)  The goal is to eat as alkaline as possible…cancer & disease can’t thrive in an alkaline environment.  We have all taken high school chemistry, right?  So what’s the opposite of alkaline?  Acidic, right?  An acidic pH makes you age quicker, more susceptible to ailments, etc.  So we wanna 86 all those acid forming foods like dairy (which is very acidic BTW) & focus on the foods listed under beautiful foods.  Just by doing that alone, you will experience less gas, less bloat & more weight loss–especially around the middle.  Beginner phase: you are what the title infers, a beginner, more than 30 pounds over your goal weight, you have major sweet cravings and/or your skin or digestive system is jacked, this is the phase for you.

Moderate grains for breakfast & lunch

Continue to eat meat but only at dinner (remember light to heavy…if you don’t revisit juicing 101 part 3).  Once per day max but I don’t think it would kill you to try a couple totally meat-free days every week.

No refined sugar or carbs.  Try to transition gluten out as well.  Some of you, I’m sure are like, what’s gluten?  Google it my friend.  It will rock your world.  Gluten is in a lot of things we eat- mostly wheat products but other stuff too.  Some people can’t eat it at all.  This is called Celiac’s Disease and can be life threatening.  I think most of us are gluten-intolerant…meaning we can handle it in small doses or the side effects aren’t life shattering but they can be pretty inconvenient.  Things like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, insomnia, feeling full upon waking are just some of the things that can be attributed to gluten intolerance.  Gluten deserves its own post.  For now, if you stick to the grains I listed in beautiful foods and are eating whole foods (not packaged or processed) then you will be eliminating gluten for the most part.

Green smoothies with a 3:1 ratio veggies to fruit.  In this phase, limiting sugar, even though it’s natural sugars is crucial.  This is an important detox…ridding the body of sugars. They cause yeast build-up which causes Candida.  Feel free to Google that one as well.

Two major no-no’s in ANY phase: dairy (we’ve discussed this in previous posts) & salt.  Please don’t go all Rodney King on me just yet.  I’m talking about table salt. Table salt is denatured sodium chloride.  It leaches your calcium & other important minerals and it’s highly processed, highly toxic & as a result, very unhealthy.  If that doesn’t sell you, this should–it makes you fat & bloated because it causes water retention.  So opt for sea salt, Celtic or Himalayan to be specific.  They are dried by the sun & wind so they are raw, contain enzymes & around seventy trace mineral & elements.  They contain magnesium, which is only present in sea salt when it contains moisture so be sure the label actually says it has been dried by the wind because there are definitely brands of sea salt that are also kiln dried at high temperatures. If you are anything like my mom & dad (who salt everything before trying it) or my sister (who used to have salt shakers on the desk in her bedroom & probably in her purse!) the idea of limiting your salt intake may seem earth-shattering but the more you reduce your intake, you will realize the less you crave it.

Serving sizes:

We are NOT counting calories…I know, I know…it’s really hard for a lot of you to not worry about how many calories or points or carbs are in the foods you are eating.  But I promise you that your body will find it’s natural weight if you are staying on task.

Raw greens & non-starchy veggies can be eaten in unlimited; 3-4 servings a day is ideal & green drinks count as a couple of those servings.

Strachy vegetables 1-1 1/2 cups per day

Alkaline grains 1-1 1/2 cups per day

Ground flaxseed 1-2 Tbsp each day depending on your size sprinkle on salad or in a smoothie

Nuts– limit to 1 ounce if you are trying to lose weight and 2-3 ounce max.  You can increase this a little bit if you are an athlete or you are trying to gain weight.

Oil is not good for weight.  The less you use in general the better but coconut and flaxseed oil should be your go-tos.  Opt for broth or water when you can. I use a few tablespoons of vegetable broth in place of oil whenever I can.  I don’t even notice the difference.

Meat, fish and goat cheese (remember raw goat cheese is best because it is easiest to digest)- Consuming them only at dinner and limit them to 2-3 ounces per serving working towards eating meat & cheese just a few times a week.

I’m not going to tell you to 86 alcohol…for most of us, this isn’t realistic.  But I will tell you what is the lesser of the evils.  Wine is best.  I wasn’t joking when I said it’s full of antioxidants and flavonoids. 🙂  And it’s easy on the liver.  Organic & sulfate-free is best.  They will be hard to find in your local grocer but easy to order on the Internet & won’t set you back as you can easily find them starting at about $10 a bottle.  I’ll be honest…I dig an organic sulfate-free wine & they make for great dinner convo; however, I don’t drink them anywhere near consistently. Something to strive for, I suppose.  The worst alcohol for you would be the brewed stuff like beer & tequila.  If you just had an awful day & need to throw one back, opt for vodka.  And if that fish taco is screaming for a beer companion, the darker the better because it has more minerals and the carbs in it are absorbed slower causing less trauma to blood sugar levels.

A day in Phase 1 should look something like this:

Upon Waking: A cup of hot water, juice of a lemon, cayenne to wake & flush the system

Probiotic supplement with water

Breakfast: Green smoothie.  If you are still hungry in an hour or so, have more green smoothie or light snack such as gluten-free bread w/nut butter, celery w/ nut butter or an egg or two w/ salsa.

Lunch: Always start with a digestive enzyme (aids with digestion & can be purchased at any health food store or on Amazon).  Stay plant-based.  My favorites include miso soup loaded with wakame, spring onions & mushrooms, brothy veggie soups, creamy soups like cream of asparagus and butternut squash (using almond or flax milk), salads, roasted vegetables topped w/ marinara, tabbouleh, hummus & veggie sticks (I love hummus w/ sliced red peppers!).  I will be adding to the recipes to help you with lunch because I think for most of us, lunch is the hardest meal to plan.

Snack: (at least a couple hours later) Green smoothie, a handful of nuts or some veggie sticks

Dinner: Digestive enzyme.  A salad with homemade dressing (as simple as flaxseed oil, raw apple cider vinegar, sea salt & pepper). I will add a few of my favorite dressings to the recipes here as well.  To make my life easier, I like to make big batches & store them in mason jars.

Before bed: Probiotic supplement, 2-4 magnesium oxygen supplements as needed.  If you are experiencing cravings try a mug of tea or warm almond milk sweetened w/stevia.


1) Eat plant-based

2) Eat only when you’re hungry

3) Eat light to heavy

4) Cleanse continuously (lots of water, green juices and smoothies, probiotic, enzymes & magnesium oxygen supplement)

I know this was A LOT of info for one post so reread it, mull it over, adapt it, tweak it to fit your own budget, lifestyle, likes & dislikes, just remember to keep it as plant-based as possible & you are guaranteed improvements to your health.  Feel free to ask lots of questions…

love & light,



6 thoughts on “The Importance of Transitioning vs. Going H.A.M.: Phase 1

  1. Welcome back. I needed this boost. Once again, great info. Thanks for touching on gluten. I’ve been doing some research for a while on gluten intolerance. Still struggling with how we’ve been getting along with common/wheat products for so long and now the gluten in it is problematic. Is gluten a newly added ingredient? I need to research that further. I’ve heard success stories with cutting out gluten and know it is in so much. Isn’t wheat supposed to be essential for us?

    • Glad to be back & I’m glad you are still with me! I will spend more time on gluten because it is definitely starting to get more attention; however, there are still so many people in the dark about it. My theory (based in almost nothing, lol) is that gluten has always been an irritant and like with anything, our bodies build up a tolerance for it then we get to a tipping point where we just can’t take anymore and our bodies begin to react in less subtle ways. After letting gluten go my brain fog lifted (I thought I was just tired), my constipation vanished (thought I wasn’t eating enough fiber), my bloat vanished (thought it was solely related to the constipation), the fullness I was feeling subsided. I felt lighter & less lethargic. I had to let it go to see all the ways it was affecting me. I think the symptoms were there so long I dismissed it as getting older, being less active, eating too much, etc. Gluten is not a new ingredient, it is in all wheat products but wheat is not essential to our diets. Whole grains are important & there are many whole grains such as quinoa, millet and amaranth which are gluten free…rice is also gluten free. For example, we still eat pasta but just rice or quinoa pasta. I use brown rice, millet & coconut flours in all my baked goods and I dare anyone to tell me they notice the difference. I will share the recipe for my pumpkin bread tomorrow. 🙂

  2. P.s. if you’ve already posted this, please direct me, and if you haven’t, please direct me…what are alkaline grains and starchy/non starchy veggies?

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