An Update for the Lingerers . . .

What up, Lingerers?!

(For those of you who haven’t seen Pineapple Express 1) shame on you!!! and 2) a linger is one who doesn’t know when to leave…they just…LINGER.)    I noticed a good amount of you are still subscribed to this blog & haven’t made it over to the new website yet, so I wanted to give you a lil push. 🙂 Well, I’m telling y’all it’s time to leave & join us over at Beautifully Blended.  I miss you guys!!!  The new site is not hugely divergent from this one–still lots of green juicing & blending, tips & insight on living a cleaner, more plant-based existence & of course all of my witty banter & side-busting anecdotes.  All of the content on this blog has been transferred to the new one so it’s much the same but with a new name so please come over, check it out and SUBSCRIBE! Pleeeeeease!  I miss many of my Kimchee + Collards’ commenters.  We are currently in the first days of a 7|14|21 day juice feast (yes, there is solid food!) & I would love for you to join us.  So come on over & join the conversation at

See over there!

love + light,



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