plant based proteins


When compared with meat proteins, plant-based proteins blow them our the water.  When comparing calories to protein content, per 100 calories broccoli has 11.2 grams of protein, romaine 11.6 whereas steak only has 5.4.  So yes, calories for calorie we need to eat more greens but we are also getting more fiber, more minerals & undamaged enzymes.  Animal protein can’t touch that.

Nut & seeds are also a great source of protein.  2-3 oz/day is more than enough, especially if you are trying to lose weight.  They should always be eaten raw because roasting alters some of the nutrients.  They’re becoming much easier to find at health food stores & markets like Trader Joe’s.  If you want to take it a step further, soak all your nuts before eating them & store them in the fridge for maximum freshness.  Why soak them?  Because they have inhibitor enzymes on their surface to protect them from germination before their time.  Soaking deactivates the inhibitors & activates important enzymes & nutrients.  It also makes them less acidic. It’s much easier than you might think & there are tons of YouTube videos to walk you through it.


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