r e c i p e s

green juices & smoothies:

sexy green lemonade 

kim’s glowing green smoothie 

green mango smoothie

nutter butter smoothie

strawberry basil green smoothie

jazzy ginger apple juice



cucumber strawberry mint spritzer 


mimi’s muesli

pumpkin spice chia pudding 


maya’s chickpea salad 

sandwiches & wraps:

vegetable sandwich w/ garlic white bean spread


thai green curry w/ sweet potatoes


3 thoughts on “r e c i p e s

  1. Girl – so, I’ve finally been able to truly sit down and read all over your amazing blogs…gotta love school day holidays! Over the past month or so I’ve been thinking a lot about eating organically, cutting out refined/processed foods and getting into juicing. Here’s the thing – I am so completely excited and overwhelmed all at the same time! I don’t know where to begin – I’m really good at being told what to do and following! Do I get a blender first or a juicer? How the hell do I know if something is a refined starch? Labels don’t put that on blast…ummm, do I have to stop eating my pita chips – they are in the organic aisle. What?! I did read on 100 days of real food that triscuits are okay – only 4 ingredients…I love my carbs – is that all because my body is programmed wrong and craves crap because that’s what I’ve trained it to like? Here’s the other thing – I consider myself to be fairly health conscious, but after reading all of your posts I feel like an impostor – a fake ass health nut…like healthy in a “my insides are swimming in low fat processed foods” kind of way…this response of mine is reminding me of my stream of consciousness response to Soledad that you made me read aloud in class 10 years ago…okay maybe slightly different, but it feels vaguely familiar minus the racial component and lack of alcohol right now at 10:30 in the morning. WHERE SHOULD I START? I need help and lots of it girl!

    • Ok, baby girl…take a deep breath. I understand being excited & overwhelmed. It is definitely overwhelming when you get “woke” but don’t know where to start. Do I cut out gluten? What about juicing? What supplements are good for me? Sugar causes Candida? What is Candida?! Stop eating beans? Beans are a good source of protein…what’s the “right” way to eat????? Very overwhelming indeed! Start by evaluating your current diet and assess your health & lifestyle. What are your biggest concerns? Is it your digestive system? Weight loss? Lack of energy and concentration? Skin, hair & nails? Major cravings? All of the above? I hear you on the “feel[ing] like an impostor – a fake ass health nut” vibe. You aren’t alone. So many people think they are doing the right things by eating “natural,” “organic,” “sugar free,” etc. Why would we think any different? Where should you start…you are already started because you are questioning your current diet. I would start with 86ing packaged and processed foods. That’s huge! And like you were saying about Triscuits… definitely nix anything with more than 5 ingredients. As far as carbs go…I was a total sugar whore until I “starved” the sugar (yeast!) out. Yes, I still eat them everything now and again but I almost never “crave” them. Sugar turns to yeast and yeast feeds off sugar. Ewe! Carbs break down to sugar so you get where I’m going. The more you eat, the more you are feeding the yeast and yeast becomes a Candida issue. So if carbs are an issue for you the best thing you can do is dead them. Give it 3-4 weeks and I swear you will be a new woman! Let’s start with you evaluating your current health status & your goals…then we can come up with ways to make it happen. 🙂 BTW…so don’t remember the Soledad piece. You were drunk in class? :O HAHAHAHA!

  2. Thanks lady – so, I’m gonna try and nix the carbs and see what happens?! Very exciting and scary; oh boy. I think the most difficult part is going to be curbing the dairy – I’m hooked on plain yogurt and raw honey! I just read the phase one post…time to figure out where I’m at and where I want to go…yeaya!
    P.s. my Soledad piece was tight…don’t hate…tehe

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