Woman Down.

Happy holidays, my beautiful folks!

I’m just checking in to let y’all know I haven’t forgotten about you. The holidays are upon us & I have been so busy with this monster move! But most importantly, my laptop has an attitude and won’t start. 😦 I haven’t gotten proficient on posting on my phone yet…besides the fact that I think it would drive me bananas to write a real post on even the smartest of phones. I should’ve taken my laptop in by now but you know me–Ms. Procrastination. Plus, it’s the holidays & the last places I want to be caught right now are Walmart & the Apple store. I have an appointment this evening so wish me luck because I’ve been working hard to launch the new blog by the new year & there’s still lots to do in order to make that deadline.

Speaking of which–there is a new official name. Beautifully Blended. I see it more as a lifestyle philosophy & think it speaks to most everything in my life. My dear friend Erika–who seriously needs to go into brand marketing–came up with it & I love it. I hope you will too! If you’re interested in checking out the vibe go to http://www.beautifully-blended.com & let me know what you think.

Well as of yesterday, we are officially homeowners again so I’m off to pack up the rest of my life for the Big Move mañana.

I miss y’all!

love & light,


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